somewhat underappreciated stylinson moments - [+]

louis: i think if we were skating as a group, the best kind of song for us to skate to would probably be shaggy “it wasn’t me”

liam: oh i was just thinking that. but then i was thinking, “is it a pop song?”

harry: that was like a telepathic thing

louis: yep…really? that’s cute

laur4j: Lots of fun with the girls in Brum last night - what a fab pic! (Re-gram from @christinamackenzie ) Great to meet Ed and Harry too:) Fantastic concert @teddysphotos and thanks again @athinaandrelos you beauty xx

It’s so obvious who loves Zayn the most ;)


he looks like a model and stands out in a crowd


5 Seconds of Summer - I Miss You cover